Acute Conditions

Knowing when an acute infection needs intervention is an important skill. 

Many viral infections are self limiting and can be treated with conservative and supportive treatment.

Antibiotic stewardship and prudent prescribing is something we pride ourselves on. 

Chronic Conditions

Management of Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome.

So many of these can be reversed with radical lifestyle interventions.

Come in to find out more. 

Depression and Anxiety

We live in a time of high pressures and great expectations, in a time of over stimulation and having your office in your pocket all the time. 

Meaningful human connection and time to rest and restor are no longer normal parts of our every day lives. 

As such, anxiety and depression are rife.

There are a myriad ways to address this. Our practitioners have insights into addressing a patient's life narrative to intervene and make change towards healthy mental states.

Mens Health

Our practice is a safe and informative refuge for men with questions and issues pertaining to men's sexual health. 

Come in to chat about male menopause, changes in libido and energy, safe sex, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and more!

Womans Health

Did you know you can do your pap smear with your GP?

Come in to talk about contraception, safe sex, menopause, HIV, sexually transmitted disease... everything you don't want to talk to  your mom about!

IUD Insertions.


Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your most precious. 

Seeing your GP before going straight to your Paed is a novel idea to many moms. 

We can happily help with much of the bread and butter of childhood illness and we will always refer if we have any concerns. 

Minor Surgical Procedures

We can remove small lumps and bumps in our rooms including mole removals and skin biopsies. 

Insurance Medicals

Life policy medicals can be done in our practices. 

Executive medicals

Annual comprehensive medicals including bloods, stress ecgs, lung functions and more where appropriate. 

A thorough and preventative strategy to combat aging and illness. 

Book a functional medicine assessment

Take control of your health and invest the time and energy in preventing illness and optimising wellness. Please note these consultations are longer than standard consults and are charged accordingly at extended consultation rates. 


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 16:00pm​​

Saturday: Resting

​Sunday: Restoring


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